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Rotation widget should reset the drag point after starting rotation
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One thing I miss from the 2D editor is the ability to adjust rotation with extreme precision. That is, rotate a unit just 1-2 degrees.

With EDEN, shift will rotate the unit towards the mouse location, making it hard to just adjust the rotation.

The rotation widget waits for the mouse to move a certain distance before it starts rotating.
Meaning the minimum adjustment I can make to a rotation is about 10° making it difficult to rotate objects precisely.

Instead, the rotation widget should reset its dragging offset to where the mouse is after starting rotating, rather than jump to the new mouse position.

Or start rotating immediately upon click. Having to move a distance before a tool activates is usually to prevent accidentally moving things when selecting, them etc. I can't think of a reason why the rotation tool would need that.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Attempt to rotate any object 1° with the rotation widget.

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There were some adjustments made to the Rotation Widget and the Rotation Grid. Seems to work fine in v2.05.