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1st/3rd Person view shows only the landscape
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When player is logged and respawn in the same place, as the last time he went to lobby (as inside a house), the 1st/3rd person view just shows field and grass - as you've been outside a city - despite you can check your current position on the map. No city, houses, objects or cars.

The action menu on screen works (as use ATM machine, Inventory) but you cannot see them.


Operating System
Windows 10
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Start Steam
Choose Arma 3, open
Choose Play
Choose a server
Choose your soldier class
Loading the game (Receiving mission briefing)
Game starts
Check your current

{F162342}position on the map; mark the nearest city
Look around = just the field

Additional Information

The 3rd person view does not shown your soldier from above, side, etc. It's the same as the 1st person view.

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T1000 created this task.EditedDec 26 2017, 8:10 PM

Any doubt, please contact me. Best regards!

Wulf changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Jan 3 2018, 1:05 PM
Wulf added a subscriber: Wulf.


Thank you for the report. Is this a specific thing for this server or does it happen with other wasteland servers as well?

T1000 added a comment.Jan 4 2018, 10:39 AM

Hi Wulf,

It happens in every server.

In my attempts to solve the problem, I realized 2 days ago that the bug it is related to group profile. When I changed my profile, choosing a player without Unit, the problem does not happen:

  • from: Unit mode (e.g. [unit_name] nickname)
  • To: 'nickname'

Of course it's not 100%, because I would like to keep using my Unit profile to play with my team.

I hope this could help you. Regards!

Wulf added a comment.EditedJan 4 2018, 3:50 PM

Ok, so if I understand correctly it only happens to the profile/account that is part of the Arma 3 unit?

T1000 added a comment.Jan 5 2018, 6:16 PM

Yes, correct.

Wulf added a comment.Jan 9 2018, 5:31 PM


Have you tried this with a different unit/group if it does the same thing? Try creating your own unit attach it to a profile and test if the same thing happens.

Also are you the only one from the unit that is experiencing this issue? Perhaps leaving and rejoining the unit might help.