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Big report about Wind and Colors (!)
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Hello,i'm so sorry,what i'm do this report about wind again,but i won't stop,because you are mistake. And i wan't to talk you about colors again.
Okey! Let's start. I know,what you are wrote me what if i will continue do the reports about volume of the wind,you will block me in my activitie. But I will prove to you that you are wrong, both I and my friend have get a lot of information, so please, listen to the community, since I will not only talk about myself and my friend, but from many people.
First: Wind
Opinions of some people:

1)PolishedGuy: Regarding the sounds I think it's a matter of tweaking. They can be a little bit too loud at times. There's this sfx that always makes me think someone is driving a car in the distance. But I am pretty sure they will be experimenting and tweaking those when 0.63 is out on experimental. No need to be worried right now

Some of players: 2) Sounds of birds and wind is f** loud! TOO LOUD! Sometimes bird's sound so loud that sounds like an ultrasound.

  1. Sounds in some places do not exactly coincide with the environment (say the sound of the surf in a field where there is no water for the nearest kilometer) and the wind is also sometimes too loud, so also many other sounds are too loud. Say, if you go in the field from the first person, then the engine noise drowns out absolutely all other sounds, down to the pouring rain. So yes, the problem may not be of first importance, but playing sometimes terribly not convenient because of loud / bugged sounds.
  1. Birds aren't birds. They are remember me ornithosaurian.
  1. First time i like it. But with i time i accustomed to this,but now felling what you are taking a cage with a birds and headphones with sound amplifier.
  1. Friends, but you do not get irritated by this loud sounds of birds and wind? Before .62 patch was more natural when now. Birds just very loud screaming. I'm feelint i'm in the jungles,in the blizzard.

Second: Colors of grass .
Colors in game of field grass aren't suitable for DayZ. And you answered me,but i not correctly understand you. And if you can,give us a concretely answer: Colors in game will be more saturated,or less? Okey. I want to give you a some comprasions.

First picture - vanilla dayz colors,second - less saturated colors (made this with photoshop by reducing the color saturation,I did not exactly, so I want to just point you in the right direction)

And this picture,how you see,have a old forest on the second picture. What need to change? Grass was more white and less saturated of green and yellow colours. I really like the grass what was on 0.62 exp. And i think many people will agree with me.
The color palette just hits the eye, too, there are too many different colors in the image. Make colours more suitable for each other, so that they fit for each other, and not as now: one color is red, one is yellow-orange, another is eagerly yellow, the other is orange. Then was old forest colours are approached for each other. Spectur of a colours too big.

Third: Voting and statistics

And in the end i give you a statistics about wind and colours in DayZ (if you want to check it,you can go over on the page with this voting. Voting was conducted in a group about DayZ in the social network Vkontakte: )

Question: Do you like sounds of environment and wind,and do you like colours in DayZ?

The number of voters varies, I write the numbers that are at the moment

  1. Yes,i abolutely like it (381 people)
  2. I don't like colours and wind (216 people)
  3. I like wind,but i don't like colours (61 people)
  4. I like colours,but i don't like wind (278 people)

How you see, more people don't like this too loud wind (494 people)
and people,who like wind (441 people)

And 277 people don't like colours,but 659 like it.

Colours you will change and i hope and know what you will do cool colors!
And what you mean about wind? I will say personally from me: I don't like to loud wind and sounds of environment, I'm don't like too saturated colors of some trees (birch,oak). and mostly i don't like grass.


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SEIZ added a comment.EditedJan 12 2018, 11:48 AM

@Geez Thank you for your answer. You even don't wanna hear your players. That's so bad.

SEIZ added a subscriber: Geez.Jan 12 2018, 11:48 AM

As u can see you make same reportes as then before so i dont know what u want hear from BI. lel.

SEIZ added a comment.Jan 14 2018, 9:11 AM

@MarekQX I want to hear a solution about wind. I even made a statistic! People hate this wind! So why they keepin this wind be too loud? Game is lost her atmosphere,when after when 0.62 went to Stable Branch,BI start change the colours of grass. That was really wrong. But colours okey...BUT WIND! IS SO LOUD! REALLY LOUD! AND I'm NOT ALONE! Most of people hate this wind. They make a many mistakes in 0.62 on exp.branch and they didn't fix it. I hope they will change colours to more less-saturation and beutiful. And will make wind is not was on 0.61 . Forest in DayZ are best forest what i can ever seen,but this forest has a many bugs. They don't wanna listen a players. This game is lose this atmoshpere. And i'm more and more thinking about what if 0.62 wasn't realesed with new forest and sounds..... And okey if they did new forest with "old colours" and with volume of old sounds of environment ( I mean not so loud as now).

I think wind should be loud if is wind big... I played 3k hours with headpones ofcourse and i never hat problem with some wind sound effects. Try to volume down your dayz and it will be fixed.