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Glitchers: positional information of players in logfiles
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This is NOT really a bug report, but a suggestion to get glitchers.
Is it possible to - let's say every 15 min - get the players position and check, if they are in a glitch room like NWAF fire station or NWAF ATC?
If yes, could the info be outputed in the logfile or in an additional logfile?
The check shouldn't be done of all glitch rooms in the map, but the favoured ones. This should help admins to get glitchers and remove them from servers.

Additional question: can the logfile output configured, that positional infos are also contained? My logfiles does not have any position data.


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Hello 766F69646565 and thank you for your feedback.
With the implementation of the new player controller and the other parts that are going to be included in the beta version it should no longer be possible to glitch into objects. However, we will note your suggestion and it is going to be considered.

Hello Geez,
thanks for the info. As mentioned in the devs status reports we have to go a way to beta. My suggestion was based on the data we see (status box in experimental servers) and I think it's a possible way. Glitchers are players who ruin the fun of regular players and have a bad implication to the server they play.
So it would be nice to get rid of them as soon as possible. I hope we (players/admins) get a solution before beta comes.
Happy Christmas to you and the Devs.