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PS4 controller support (DS4) - I'm posting this here and the forum because it's feedback on the current support given.
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Hi, I'm likely one of the very few people using a controller on DayZ, possibly even the only person doing this since there are so many controls and it takes a lot of time to map them:

I'd like to send my mapping and suggest some changes from it that I'm unable to alter, this is specifically for the PS4 controller and they could even be used on the PS4 platform... I've had major success with most basic functions in game apart from a few things - the format I have does include a few more features than the current model support from what I know - There is no official map of the controls already provided though to tell exactly.

Due to DS4 (PS4 controller) having more buttons than the Xbow One controller as far as I know... I have a bias for towards the DS4 controller in terms of mapping the controls that the Xbow One controller (or older models - sony too) wouldn't be able to fit - all I can say to this - if you want to play DayZ on PC - PS4 controller is realistically the way to go because there are too many buttons, you need as many as possible and especially to compete with keyboard gamers.

Before I list the controls: [SC] = Scan Code, using DS4windows "scan-code" is an option to override the game's controls function. (works sometimes but other controls aren't so simple since [SC] can conflict with [SC] here and there.) [AA] = Already assigned via the current controller support.

✕ = R [SC] (cock the firearm) - this is manageable but would prefer something more practical... honestly for controller... tapping R1 (shoot/melee) again would be better here for two things - the aim moving slightly off with the analogue naturally while having to move the thumb (the index finger can't press the 4 picture keys comfortably - the thumb will be needed on R3 while aiming) - giving none-controller players an advantage over the controller player - this is also true with having to stand after each cocking action.
◎ = crouch (tap), prone (hold) & stand (tap/hold) ([AA] but moved from X). (the way it currently is except moved from ✕ to here on the current controller support)
☐ = action (basically the F key), and reload when there's no magazine/change empty magazine to a full magazine. [AA] - An addition feature that would be nice here is if it could be used in the start/server menu as "action" too but that's not an issue in-game. (to select stuff)
△ = (hop over fences) This would feel much better if it was on X instead after adjusting the first change - but I had to put it here simply because cocking the firearm is much worse here as there's a further thumb-distance to travel).

Options = Tab [SC] (I think this was already the case but after my changes it was more optimised and can't remember what collision it fixed at the time) - an issue to point out here is that I can't search while running, I believe that's what I tried to change but it didn't work... this is a problem with the left-analogue for running where I attempted to assign WASP with scan-codes but that hadn't worked.
Share = Back [AA] basically what it is already and again, same as the ☐ feature in the start/server menu, this could also be a "back-out" feature despite not an in-game issue.

↑ = scoll-up [AA] - this I tried to also simultaneously assign "zero in" and failed.
↓ = scroll-down [AA] - likewise I tried to also assign "zero out" but failed. (DS4's "Special Actions" doesn't work or maybe the keys collide when I tried to make the control also do another button simultaneously)
← = 1 [SC] - hotkey, It would be better if ← and → allowed you to select through each hot-key through a wheel mode and then hit with say △ to select which one... specifically; ← for left and → for 2 right. Hold △ could also be unequipped any held items if an item is held. Holding △ when nothing is held could be "1" by default also.
→ = 2 [SC] - hotkey again.

PS = Guide (just the controller button to turn it off and on... standard)

L1 = Right Mouse Button (aim)
R1 = Left Mouse Button (shoot/melee)
L2 = Left Bumper (zoom in - unsure what I re-arranged this from... but fits with aim (L1) much better for me)
R2 = Space [SC] - raise/lower weapon (goes hand in hand with preparing to shoot/integrating well as a similar action to R1 in the sense of engagement whether that be lower or raise weapon)
L3 button = Sprint (no change) - please remove the tilt while aiming here though... I would far rather sprint 100% and I assigned a tilt to the tilt controls. (I couldn't manually change this - removing the tilt.)
R3 button = 3rd person - please remove tilt here too - if it instead hit 3rd person ready for when I begin to un-aim... this would be a massive hand in combat sharing what PC users have access to. (I couldn't manually change this either - with the tilt.)

L3 analogue = left stick (movement) [AA] - much preferably, It would be better if this was like the keyboard to reduce the motion-sickness feeling that occurs, basically on keyboard you can hold down "W and A" or "W and D" the camera is fixed on the same position on keyboard but with controller you're forced to look where you angle the control and this can be very sickly after a while.
R3 analogue = right stick (look around) [AA] - This could use a slight sensitivity reduction when aiming... anywhere closer to other PS3/PS4 games... not too much so you're disadvantaged in a fight but at the moment - if I'm going to shoot at a very long range I shimmy rather than tilt the analogue... this really needs a look into - probably the best suggestion is - when you "zoom in [L2]" while aiming... sensitivity of aim is reduced a tad more. But, with controller... a very slight movement from the center usually did a minuscule of movement... and this rapidly increased with further movement - every tilt-angle counted but I'm not getting that feeling with the current support.

Left Touch = K (SC) - I assigned K to double-cap-lock so I could speak in-game... there's external issues to the game though... in-game doesn't sync with the mic I selected on windows (i.e. just the keyboard mic)... in-game it auto-picks the controller microphone/headphone no matter what and I don't use headphones with my controller. If there's anyway to change this, this is a huge help as double-clicking cap-lock or k while on controller isn't practical on the move.
Right Touch = Multiply (SC) which is assigned to "Fix Camera (double-tap-alt normally)"... one major request for this and even "Left Touch" is to remove the mouse (on mouse-pad) on the PS4 controller outside of inventory - it unfocuses your view which can be somewhat needed to be kept in place at times - also within inventory... if R1 selected an item (held) and R2 deselected, L1 moves the item (after moving there and hitting L1), L2 inspected/de-inspects the item... this would make inventory possible on PS4 controller while also sharing similarity to the format in outer-world (non-inventory play)
Multi-touch = ignored.
Upper-touch = middle-mouse button but really ignored... this and multi-touch are pretty difficult to use in general. I've only used these in other games to open character books like games such as Arx Fatalis and the Witcher I think - they're really situational to 100% no risk scenarios and can only be barely used functions.

Tilt Up - Unassigned
Tilt Down - Unassigned
Tilt Left - Q (scan code) - note: I removed "lock tilt" though which will be important to not get stuck in tilt.
Tilt Right - E (scan code) - both work great. 100%

Mouse-pad: I've already spoke about this being disabled while outside of inventory but it would be nice it it could work in the start/server menu too.

Another couple suggestions for more controls are; holding the direction button (rather than tapping) for the F(number) keys... i.e.: hold ↑ while tapping ✕, ◎, ☐, △, R1 or L1 for 6 keys... hold ↓ while tapping ✕, ◎, ☐, △, R1 or L1 for 6 more keys (one of these could active walk-mode which could be disabled with sprint or holding either ↑ or ↓ as this would reactive key selection - this because there are 11 F(number) keys.

For Xbow One to have tilt... L2 (zoom in) and R2 (raise weapon) could instead be held instead of tapped - and tapped means the character tilts. I'm not sure if the player controller covers a lot of this anyway but thought it'd be worth posting the listed issues to be included with the update in the future.

So yeah in summary, a mix of fallout/call of duty/new set controls for DayZ. I hope I've done some help here aswell as fixing issues for myself in the future.


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Hello Anonymous_573462 and thank you for your feedback.
Your suggestions have been forwarded to the respective departments and will be considered for the future stages of development.

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