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Annoying Turret Crackling
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Whenever a vehicles turret is starting to turn, there is a small crack to be heard. It's even more producable when there are more sounds playing in the background. When the turret is still and not moving, no cracklink noises. As soon as the turret starts turning, there is a small crack or multiple cracks.

This is reproducable with any turret related vehicle, from HMG Hunter to MBT1. The sound file itself is ok, and even replaced by a new sound file or an empty "muted" track the crack appears to happen anyways. Which leads to be a general trigger/controller problem, unrelated to the soundfile itself.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go in Editor
  2. Spawn a vehicle with a turret, for example MBT1
  3. Play as gunner
  4. Let the engine off to hear it better
  5. Shot the coax mg
  6. Then turn just a few inches, stop, turn back, stop, turn back again and repeat
Additional Information

I've made a video to demonstrate the effect a little better:

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Thank you for the report. After some testing it seems that in the vanilla game it is not that severe.

The cause of the severe sound might be either by mods or soundcard drivers/settings. You might want to have a look at those.

cidcaldensfey added a subscriber: cidcaldensfey.EditedAug 25 2018, 1:48 PM

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say that I'm able to reproduce this issue as well. I'm going to explain what I've done so far:

Restarted my computer
Verified my soundcard is using up-to-date drivers
Verified my videocard is using up-to-date drivers
Verified file integrity through Steam
Verified sound device is running at 16bit, 44000Hz
Disabled any Audio Enhancements through Windows
Disabled any Audio Enhancements through Sound Blaster Z-Series Control Panel
Disabled any Spatial sound through Windows
Disabled any additional soundcards/devices
Ran without any mods
Ran the application in 32bit mode
Ran the application in 64bit mode
Ran the application in 32bit mode as administrator
Ran the application in 64bit mode as administrator
Ran with VSync enabled
Ran without VSync enabled

Here is the problem:

After a turret is fired, which uses the servo whirring sound effect when being moved, moving the turret will cause audio crackling/popping. However, it should be noted that the crackling/popping STOPS after the player has:

  1. Moved the camera along the X OR Y axis.

This will cause the audio to crack/pop ONCE. Going in the opposition direction does NOT cause the audio to crackle/pop after this has been done for either the X or Y axis. For example, if you turn right and cause the audio to crackle/pop, going the opposition direction, or going up or down, will not cause the audio to crackle/pop again for either axis.

  1. And then has moved camera along X AND Y axis TOGETHER.

Moving the camera diagonally in one direction will cause the audio to crackle/pop a second time. However, once this is done, like step 1, the audio will not repeat this issue if you go in the opposite direction or inverted direction.

After this has been done, the audio will not crackle/pop UNTIL the player fires the gun again. If they do this, they will have to repeat steps 1 and 2 for it to stop.

I will upload a video to this thread later to show my exact testing performed.