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Enum 'Errors' & Eden Mission attributes - edit3DENMissionAttributes, set3DENMissionAttributes
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Both edit3DENMissionAttributes & set3DENMissionAttributes will report unknown enum when using custom attributes.

Snippet for edit3DENMissionAttributes

18:15:01 Error in expression <edit3DENMissionAttributes 'TMF_MissionBr>
18:15:01   Error position: <edit3DENMissionAttributes 'TMF_MissionBr>
18:15:01   Error Foreign error: Unknown enum value: "TMF_MissionBriefingAttributes"

Snippet for set3DENMissionAttributes

18:15:07 Error in expression < _array;

private _string = str _array;
set3DENMissionAttributes [["TMF_MissionB>
18:15:07   Error position: <set3DENMissionAttributes [["TMF_MissionB>
18:15:07   Error Foreign error: Unknown enum value: "TMF_MissionBriefingAttributes"


Operating System
Windows 7
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

As per the documentation ( ). I have created a custom attribute area and this still works perfectly fine bar the newly introduced script error in 1.78 . It seems that these script commands do not account for custom attributes.

class Cfg3DEN
    class Mission
        class TMF_MissionBriefingAttributes // Custom section class, everything inside will be opened in one window (MySection)
            displayName = "TMF Briefing settings"; // Text visible in the window title as "Edit <displayName>"
            //display = "Display3DENEditAttributesPreview"; // Optional - display for attributes window. Must have the same structure and IDCs as the default Display3DENEditAttributes
            class AttributeCategories
                class TMF_BriefingSettings
                    displayName = "TMF: Briefing settings"; // Category name visible in Edit Attributes window
                    collapsed = 0; // When 1, the category is collapsed by default
                    class Attributes
                        class TMF_Briefing_Loadout
                            property = "TMF_Briefing_Loadout";
                            displayName = "Create loadout page";
                            tooltip = "Create briefing section that contains a list of all equipment of everyone in the players group and theirself.";
                            control = "Checkbox";
                            //expression = "missionNamespace setVariable ['TMF_Briefing_Loadout',_value];";
                            defaultValue = "true";
                            condition = "true";
                        class TMF_Briefing
                            property = "TMF_Briefing";
                            displayName = "";
                            control = "BriefingSettings";
                            //expression = "missionNamespace setVariable ['TMF_BriefingArray',_value];";
                            //tooltip = "How much should terrain affect radio signal strength? (0 disables)";
                            defaultValue = "[]";
                            condition = "true";

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Appears to be fixed in 1.82 from the changelog:
Fixed: Warning messages connected to the set3DENMissionAttribute script command were not correct

Tested and seems fixed to me.

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