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Missing hiddenSelection Mk20 EGLM rifle
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The grenade launcher of the Mk20 cannot be retextured. No matter how you color the main rifle, the EGLM launcher will always be green.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Have a look at the config file of the Mk20 EGLM. It has only one hiddenSelection. There should be two.

Additional Information
  • I worked very hard on retextured versions of the Mk20 rifle. When I got to the Mk20 EGLM, I noticed that its GL cannot be retextured and will always be green! I was very disappointed.. :.-(
  • The other GL rifles have two hiddenSelections. This one is missing.
  • I think because of this, the Mk20 EGLM - Plain/tan also has a erronous green GL. If we get the hiddenSelection, it can be fixed!

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I am looking into the Config viewer and all rifles have the same number of hiddenSelection and parameters.

Could you please provide us a screenshot?

This screenshot shows the difference between a proper configured GL rifle (example MX) and the Mk20 GL that is missing a hidden selection texture to be able to retexture the GL (EGLM).

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We will have a look at it and see if indeed there is a missing camo that should be there.

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This should be fixed in our dev version and should be in the next proper update of the game.