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About wind volume
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Hello! I for the third time ask you to lower the volume of the wind, or add a sound setting EXACTLY WIND, NOT ENOUGH IN THE WHOLE! This wind is constant and loud, very much annoying, take it away completely, for it is too boring !!! Please! This wind recalls me a winter storm,rather than just autumn wind! My friends too hate this wind,please! I I beg you,Turn down the volume of the wind by 70%


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Windows 7

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SEIZ created this task.Nov 3 2017, 3:27 PM

I just can't play with this...sorry for that word: STUPID WIND! THIS IS REALLY annoying and in general this wind is unrealistic, turn down the volume!!!!

Geez closed this task as Resolved.EditedNov 3 2017, 3:47 PM
Geez claimed this task.
Geez added a subscriber: Geez.

Hello SEIZ.
While we do appreciate the feedback you are providing, we have provided you with explanations and reasons for why the current volume level is as it is and that we do not plan on changing it at this moment. Please refrain from creating multiple tickets for topics that have already been answered as this may result in suspension of your bug tracker account.

SEIZ added a comment.Nov 3 2017, 4:02 PM

@Geez thanks you what you are appreciate my reports and ideas,but about wind - this is bad. Anyway,will in .63 be the settings volume of wind,only wind,not environment ?

Geez added a comment.Nov 6 2017, 10:49 AM

Hello SEIZ.
There are currently no plans to include such separate slider, however, we will note your suggestion for consideration into the future versions.