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AI ignores pathing in buildings that are midair except if another building is on the ground below it
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If a building is placed more than a few meters above the terrain, for example an offshore platform, aircraft carrier, or merely a building in the sky, the AI will ignore the path LOD entirely, resulting in walking through walls or falling to their death. This is easy to test. Placing an identical building "properly" on the ground directly below it almost always makes the pathing work in the midair building.


Operating System
Windows 7
AI Pathfinding / Motion
Steps To Reproduce

Launch arma 3
Open the editor (to the virtual reality terrain for consistent results).
Place a building in midair, eg the "Unfinished Complex"
Place two units, one controlled by the player, the other grouped, eg the NATO rifleman.
Start the mission, walk around. The AI teammate will run around, ignoring obstacles, and can easily be tricked into walking off to their death.
Go back to the editor, place two of the building, aligned, except one is on the ground, and the other is in midair directly above it.
Place your units on/in of this upper building.
Your teammate will now walk slowly, and utilize the building's path LOD.

Additional Information

The "duplicate building" trick only works in most cases. Things like uneven seabeds require careful adjustment, your "duplicate" might not work if it clips into the ground. Flat VR terrain works almost every time.
In some cases a different structure(in my tests, a custom vertical pillar that extends deep into the ground, without any path LOD itself) can also trigger the "duplicate building" effect. This building may not need to be directly aligned, but this behavior is way less consistent and is more difficult to test.

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In addition, many problems AI landing, disembarkation and movement on the platform.