Hardcore in DayZ.
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In this report will not be a bugs,or glitches. It's just my curiosity,i can't contain this,and i want to ask you about hardcore in DayZ,in particular in .63,beta no matter how. Yes,not in future,concretly in .63 patch will be more hardcore,or will be how it now: you can find m4 and many,many ammo and magazines for every weapon for a hour. This is not realistic,this is are make people not safe them life,because if they die - they can easy find this equipment again. Zombie apocalypse must be hardcore,but no in no way too easy. Make people safe and
appreciate them life. This will be really great. I know, i just the one player with opinion,and this is not mean anything...but...though about it. In DayZ people must survive,but not are only play PVP. And at last: Gamma in .63 will be off,or will be not changed? This is really big disbalance.


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yeah men i agree its easy like unturned

its should be hardcore i agree

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Please! I know,you think what are hardcore can down the online of DayZ,but many,many peoples dream about this!

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There will probably be modded servers dedicated to this kind of experience, base game should stay as it is, in my opinion.

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Hey...developers...someone answer me...please.

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Hey! Please...Answer me,i wan't to know,will be hardcore in DayZ? Or it will be casual typical game? Sorry for this utterance,but it really it. We want survive in this game,count every bullet,every eat. If you will do more hardcore,game will changed,but if you will not do hardcore in BETA it will be big
disappointment for us..for survivors,we think you should do the hardcore in beta,not later...we want to survive,but not just play in DayZ!

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Hello SEIZ and thank you for the feedback.
Please, feel free to use the DayZ forums - https://forums.dayz.com/ to discuss possible aspects of future development as the feedback tracker is used to primarily collect and track issues in the current public versions.

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@Geez Thank you,sorry for troubling.