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Balance of Object, House penetration is very off to standard ammo configs and altered ammo configs
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The structures of wood, concrete, reinforced concrete, sandbags, sand, cinderblocks, natural stone, steel ( homogenous ), container are contradicting and not in the real proportion.
I heard the relation in comparison to armored vehicles is also off, but I have not tested or compared hardened armored plates with the rest.
As far as I understood, you can only change the individual resistance by editing the .p3d files, which is not allowed, as far as I know.

Since I dont think BI will invest that much time and effort to set correct values for each model, again, I suggest to give another opportunity to the community to find those values for ourselves, that can be by letting us edit the models or some way to use config entries to do that without editing the models.

I am interested in a workaround.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Use any small arms weapon ( up to caliber 12,7 mm ) and shoot various structures, like in my sample mission.
Some very different buildings have the same perforation with certain calibers and some similar buildings ( wrecks or wrecked ) have very different penetratebility.
Indivdual objects ( red brick block, cinderblock, concrete wall ) have a higher resistance with smaller or same thickness.

changing the ammo configs will not change any of those misproportions.

Additional Information

in order to let us do this, a reference object for hard resistance ( maybe container steel ) and a soft resistance object ( maybe a sandbag barrier ) needs to be calibrated before given to us.

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kOepi created this task.Sep 25 2017, 11:59 PM


link for sample misison

Huge topic.
You think about materials, but first of all, some vegetation are the best shield ever dreamed for units!
Note also, the global damage is totally weird and poorly related to hit parts. (you can fire at an offroad without increasing the damage value, destroying parts like engine, wheels or hull, then blow the car with a sudden full damage).
Check caliber/target/damage/hitpoints. it's nonsense!

Good luck for your demand.

kOepi added a comment.Sep 26 2017, 4:28 AM

I can make a new car and use mods like real armor mod, but this topic is essential to distinct between body armor, not-armor-structures and character damage or perforation.