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Suggestion: Player stats in Virtual arsenal
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sorry for placing it here, but I don't know about any better place.

It would be really helpfull If you would see your overall weight in virtual arsenal, helping you see, what loadout have you actually made.
Other stats may bee displayed ass well, but the weight/stamina meter, would be very helpful.

Now, players on servers have to exit Arsenal, every time they want to check it out, and then re-enter the arsenal, to make changes.


Unable To Reproduce
Operating System
Windows 7
Menu UI
Steps To Reproduce

Copy fatigure meter from main HUD.

Make it non-fading.

Place it into arsenal.


Additional Information

Screenshot with some vizualization of that idea... (bottom right part of screen, just over the Vest stats)

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KtDodye created this task.Sep 10 2017, 11:55 AM
Baraz added a subscriber: Baraz.EditedNov 6 2017, 2:44 AM

Another issue related to this :

  • Armor rank 1 to 5 is not clearly marked in the names nor on the white line (bottom right) which is guess work for the player or Zeus.

Yet the names in backpacks do specify the armor rank.

  • Begging BI for following feature : specifications in clear numbers (to the left or right of the white bars).
    • 345 / min. : _Rate of fire
    • 400 m ...... : ___Range
    • 50 .............. : ___Impact (don't have a clue what damage numbers look like)
    • 10 lbs ....... : __Weight

Justification : it helps Zeus/gamemasters set limits on type of gear that players/Zeus can apply. The white lines are just way too vague. Also just helps all-around when selecting gear.