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CTD : Stack Buffer Overrun
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Game crashed while in a helicopter on Malden. Specifically piloting a Kajman that was spawned as Zeus while testing a map from Eden Editor, controlling a CSAT Helicopter Pilot through Zeus. Manual Fire was on (never fired the guns), in the distance there was a convoy of a collection of every IDAP vehicle (spawned with men in them), a number of each vehicle in the convoy and I was flying towards it. The Zeus entity and player character were both spawned from Eden on a small island airport, the entity used for the player is a basic Civilian, and the zeus game master entity is set to be owned by that civilian which is checked to be the player.

Game went black while flying and I came to my desktop with the bug report displayed. Said something to the effect of "Arma 3 closed in a strange way" and "Stack Buffer Overrun".


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Basically do everything that would lead to the above description.

Additional Information

Nothing specifically done to cause crash.

i7 4790k cpu
16gb ram in dual channel
zotac amp extreme 1070 video card
msi pc mate z97 motherboard

- uploaded bug report

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Your Arma report has files from before the update. Could you try the game now if it fixed your problem? If the issue still persists send us your Arma report again with up-to-date files.

Thank you. :)

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