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Unconcious walking
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I had the blue school bag in my hands and pressed G to throw it away and it made my character fall down like she got uncon, stands back up and fall down again and ends up on the ground like she is unconcious. Watching this in 3rd person. I can still move around, access inventory and open/close doors but the character is floating away on the ground in a uncon state.
You can get out of it by pressing F3 or any other button that change your posture.
I tried to throw a red builders helmet but it worked as normal


Unable To Reproduce
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Take a blue school bag in your hands
  2. Press G once to throw (don't hold)

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Hello HardPotetmos and thank you for the report.
Was there any unconsciousness overlay or any reason for your character to fall unconscious (low blood/health/character being hungry)? Or has the character just fell down upon throwing the bag and you were unable to move until the f3 key was pressed?

Hello GeeZ

Sorry for the delayed answer.

There was no uncon overlay. Character was green hydrated and all other statuses were not visible. I was able to move but the character was static in the uncon state (no animation when moving). I was just moved over the ground. As soon as i stopped i would looked like any other uncon body.

I have not tried to replicate this yet but i will see if i can do it today. I do have a clip that i captured though but it is a 517Mb .mp4 file. I don't know what would be the best way to send it so if you want the clip just tell me what i should do and i'll be happy to help.

I tried to reproduce the bug but im not able to.
I tried throwing different things, found the blue childbriefcase and tried that and i also made the improvised backpack since i had it when the bug happend but it didn't work.
I tried to see if the order that i put on the backpack was the key (childbriefcase on the back, improvised backpack into hands, moving stuff from childbriefcase into improvised, swapping backpacks, throwing childbriefcase). I tried some other variants as well.
When i had the bug i was able to reproduce it every time i pressed G.

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Thank you HardPotetmos.
We are aware that such situations can occur and the issue is going to be addressed in the new animation system in the 0.63 version.

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