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Too easily drenched
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Despite being in pristine clothing, if I get caught in fog I'm completely drenched in less than 15 seconds.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Version 10.0.15063
Health System
Steps To Reproduce

Wear rain jacket, pants, waistcoat, hat in 100% condition and step out in fog or rain and despite wearing rain gear I still get wet very very quickly.

Additional Information

Please fix this ASAP. It's really annoying me and after sticking with you guys for the last 4 years. I'm finally losing my patience....

Running Beta v0.62.140694 on an offical experimental server.

Please don't tell me you've fixed it. Put it out to the public.... :(

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You're playing experimental/unstable version
"after sticking with you guys for the last 4 years i'm finally losing my patience..." SO ? Don't play on experimental if you don't like bugs, what's your problem dude

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Hello profquatermass and thank you for the report.
What kind of equipment is your character wearing? Was your character wet previously? And can you go more into detail of getting wet just in the fog (while there is no visual rain)? If it is not an issue, can you record a video of the character getting wet just in the fog?

While I can not provide a video I can confirm that something odd is going on with Rain. I was in the rain and fine as I was wearing a Black Raincoat. I noticed my backpack and pants got a bit wet, but I wasn't wet or cold. Rain stopped visually and audibly and I was in Stary Sobor. There I picked up different pants and since it wasn't raining an M65 Field Jacket so I could grab some clips.

As I left the tents I noticed I was suddenly damp. Before I had crossed the city I was wet. Out in the field I was Drenched and things that were damp before were now wet or soaked. The coat was not even damp when I picked it up.

I proceeded to some trees and gathered fire making materials. But could NOT start a fire as it kept telling me the "rain has put it out". Mind you, no visible or audible indicator of rain but all the other symptoms of a downpour.

I was finally able to build a fire under a tree in another section of wood SouthWest of there as I found the right spot, but before I could warm up I froze to death.

It appears as if there is rain without indicators.

Geez added a comment.Aug 11 2017, 11:15 AM

Thank you Mercules.
If you experience such issue in the future again, can you try log in and out to check if the rain appears upon relogging?