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bug with barrel (1)
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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Win10 creators with all update, version 1703, build 15063.413
Game Physics

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Honza1616 created this task.Aug 2 2017, 3:13 PM
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Hello Honza1616 and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue that occurs with most items that are dropped in water.

joma126 added a subscriber: joma126.Aug 6 2017, 9:02 PM

Hi Geez,
I am also stuck holding a barrel I cannot drop, at my camp, is there a way to fix this yet or do I need to re-spawn?
On server: Crown Hill Force, IP
My Steam ID 76561197998921761

Geez added a comment.Aug 7 2017, 3:04 PM

Hello joma126.
Unfortunately we cannot change the equipment on your character, however, we can kill the character for you through the database if you would like us to.

MarekQX added a subscriber: MarekQX.Aug 7 2017, 3:20 PM

You dont need to kill him :D Hey bro - drag knife on barel, make holes into barel, and your char will put barel on the ground. Easy

MarekQX,, Thank you very much, worked perfectly.

Just dont make it in house next time... Barel will be dropped on the roof of house and you will not be able to take it back or loot it.

@Geez hi :)

May be close this ticket as obsolete?

Geez closed this task as Resolved.Nov 9 2020, 3:25 PM
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