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Arma 3 Launcher feature request - save import to mod preset
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The Arma 3 Launcher is excellent - thank you! To make it even better I would like to suggest a few additional features.

Feature request 1a
Basically when importing a mod html list - it would be great to add a prompt that asks the user if they would like to save the imported list to a Preset - if they select Yes then prompt the user if they would like to activate/load those mods. A possible extension of this feature would be to prompt and save the Preset name at time of Export in the HTML file so that when the mod import is complete the Launcher automagically adds the Preset name if available to the Preset list - if not then Prompt the user for a Preset name.

Feature request 1b
An extension of this feature would be: when a player uses the Launcher to join a server - the Launcher offers to automatically set up the mods and join. It would be useful to allow the user to first save the server mod list to a Preset before joining - since the user may regularly play on that server or the server may use a mod set that the user finds particularly useful.

Menu Adjustment
The other Launcher modification I would like to suggest - would be to unbind the 'Import mods' option under the More...\/ menu - and move it up one level to the Menu bar to give it more visibility / prominence.

Many users are not aware that you can import / share mod lists via the Launcher because of its current menu position.


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Windows 10 x64
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Thanks to BIS for adding all or most of these features! Excellent ongoing support! Thank you.