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All Face Wear in Arma 3 disappears as soon as the player enters a body of water, reappears when exiting.
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When a player in Arma 3 on any server including in the Editor and offline the face wear worn by the player disappears as soon as they enter a body of water, and the face wear reappears as soon as they exit the body of water. It happens to every face wear worn by the player/character.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce this, put on any face wear or get a character with any type of face wear and enter a body of water.

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thank you for the report. This however is by design. The logic behind this is that you wouldn't keep your mask on your face since if it would get wet you couldn't breathe properly through it when you exited the water.

Different items display on the models depending on weather they are in water or on dry land the same goes for example diving goggles you can have them on your character but they won't show on the model until you get in the water.

By design my ass.
1 toe in the water and googles are gone.
Have you seen amount of mods that use facewear slot for various gear that this "feature" break?
Fire your designer and fix it.