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Arma 3 KOTH online or ingame account deleted.
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I will enter the conversation immediately.
My first Arma 3 Online KOTH account or in game account deleted by me but my all deals gone.
Afterward im edit and create new account.Helping to turn everything into the old
but today my second account deleted again not by me or computer.Everything is gone again and I have to start again from scratch.How can I reactivate my old account or retrieve it back from within my computer.
I would be glad if you help.Thank you in advance for everything!
Have a good day!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

I saved the restoration file to reassure another account I opened.
There are no files I have saved and I can never go back to the old account,I tried to restore the system and it did not happen again, it was still normal.

Additional Information

I am trying very hard for this account but it can be very enjoyable to play it twice, but unfortunately I can not do the same thing for the third time.

Event Timeline

If its is regarding only KOTH you have to contact either the Author or the Hoster of the server/mission. KOTH is a usermade mission.