Arma 3 Campaign - Moral Fiber - Can't lock into the Tank. - MAJOR
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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Campaign Episode 3: Win
Steps To Reproduce

Play the mission when you get to the point you need to destroy the tank (without using the Arty support) you will not be able to lock into it

Not showen on the video, but AI doesnt lock on the tank either, i assume thermal signatures or too close?

Video - @ 12:40 it starts, sorry i dont have an editing software, so i record it all.

Additional Information

At the start you see me get an additional Explosive Charge, you're required at least to get the tank fully damage and crew to dismount. and im sorry about many deaths, can't blame on stupid AI going 100m opposite way where i said it go, making AI alert, making my life a hell.

Yes i'm running 2 mods, CBA and ShackTac Interface, but it doesn't make a difference, reason i came to see this bug was a friend was playing it, and he plays vanilla and he was "Why can't lock on to the tank, i dont want to bomb the city to countine the story".

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This is actually correct. For you to lock onto the tank its engine would need to be running to give a heat signature. This tank however was immobilised so it's engine is off.

You can still fire on the tank and destroy it. I advice to clear the camp of AAF soldiers to the right of the tank, there's a couple of AT soldiers. Take their launcher and rockets and you can destroy the tank without shelling the town.