Pressing esc while playing in a server cause problems [since the first version of arma 3]
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If you host a server or join a random one, try to press ESC...
Congratulations! Now the logs are just disappeared and you must return to lobby and rejoin for restore it!


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Windows 10 x64
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latest game version, no mods, latest drivers. yup all drivers

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Thank you for the report, but could you please be more specific? What do you mean by the logs? Are you talking about the .rpt files or something else?

Yup. With the logs I mean the chat and the server messages visualized in game... In the bottom-left side of the screen.
If I press esc, I must return to the lobby and rejoin the match for make this reappear.
Sorry for my english

Wulf added a comment.Aug 1 2017, 2:35 PM

I tested this on a hosted game, even on a dedicated server and the escape does not clear the chat. There is no need to return to the lobby.

I will send you a screenshot and tell me if that is the chat you are talking about.

If it is something different then shoot a video create a zip and upload it here.