Stuck underneath a house
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My game crashed when I was in a house in Pusta (I think it was a little green one, one of those where you have to climb a stair to enter it), when I relogged I was stuck underneath the house with no chance of getting out.

Normally I wouldn't write a report for this but today I died fully equipped (AKM with silencer two mags, full leather gear etc.) at devil's castle because I fell through the floor of a wall you can reach with the these wooden double stairs. After that I died after over an hour fighting hyperthermia (because swam for like 10m), because I burned to death while I was freezing to death because I was too close to the fire, I had to place outside, because the indoor fireplace didn't had an UI to ignite after about the seventh or eighth fire I did ignite there before... I cannot even tell how buggy this whole situation was.
After that I got some basic equipment but got in the rain, made a fire, put some chicken breast in the fire, cause I couldn't put them on a stick and I thought, well, probably that's the way it's meant to be, ate said chicken breast, got food poising because apparently that's not how it works, spend about one and half an hour collecting apples and retreat to save place to cure the food poising THEN the game crashed ('couldn't perform read'... something in way, kinda common I think) when I entered said building, sooo... I kinda don't want to wait some hours to starve & respawn and I'm done looting coast for the next few days...

Regular server


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
1703 Build 15063.447
Steps To Reproduce

log out in said house

Resolved: I got a pistol & killed myself.

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