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Game refuses to run
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For a while now I have to keep checking the validity of the files and it often has to download a few. Now the game says the games fine but when I go onto the server screen and try to find the server I usually use after a minute the game freezes and i have to go into the task manager to stop it. I have deleted the game and reinstalled it along with Steam and still its doing it. Also occasionally the game gives me a blue screen of death. Its running the latest version and windows is up to date and also the latest drivers for my card. I think theres a problem with the config file as every time I go on and check the graphic settings its set differently from the last time.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Service pack 1
Steps To Reproduce

You just have to put the game on and it does it.

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Hello Satansstoreman and thank you for your report. Since when have you been experiencing this particular issue? Is this the only application that will freeze your computer and (occasionally) give you a blue screen of death (as this might be related to processor malfunction in heavy load)? As for the setting not being saved: If game crashes, update to the config file will not be saved. The game has to be exited properly (without freeze, crash and without using Task manager) for new setting to be applied after another game launch.


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