[SOLVED] DayZ SA Character unable to hold his weapon down
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I joined in the game and noticed that I was unable to put my weapon down. (It starts the animation but instantly stops it again)
I restarted my game and after that I still had the same issue. I crouched in a bush and pressed 'G' to throw the weapon away.
Suddenly my character starts hitting the ground with fists. I pick up my weapon and it starts shooting.
I thought it may be an input error so I restarted my PC and I replugged my keyboard after booting. I started DayZ again and still the same issue.

I remember having this issue on the same PC a while ago.

playing on stable (0.62.140275)
double carrying mosin (on back) and mp5 in hands
overwolf, nvidia shadowplay both running in the background and also razer synapse


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version

Did some testing and it only "auto hits" the ground when I am standing. When crouching nothing happens. I can't put my hands up (or weapon down) neither does it "auto hit"


  • when opening steam overlay (shift+tab) it makes a click noise which means my weapon was trying to shoot. And after that my character is holding his weapon down. And when I leave the overlay again he is raising the gun back up.
  • tried joining other server which resulted in same issue

[SOLVED] A guy on reddit helped me. I had to remove my Xbox 360 controller from my PC.

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Hello voigtlaender.florian97 and thank you for the report.
We have been testing the issue internally, however we were unable to reproduce the issue so far. Do you remember if there is anything specific you are doing before the character starts to attack uncontrollably?