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Character Crashing
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Hi there! I hope you are doing great. I was walking my way down chernarus through nadezhdino to chernogorsk, when i saw this giant ass buildings in novoselky, where i could scope the entire city...and as i like to enjoy every aspect of dayz, i went up to use my winchester and try to spot something interesting. When I got to the roof, I saw no body nor animals to hunt, so I disconnected after a few minutes to go to a more populated server. There once I waited my respawn time, i found myself underneath the building. I could look outside but the invisible walls wouldnt let me out. I tried running, jumping and stuff to see if I could glitch my way out, but it was helpless. This happened to me once, in Tisy military base and had no other option but to F11 (if you know what i mean).

SteamID: Slayer_assassin
Regular server


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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I feel a little bit sad, because I worked so hard to find a winchester, a scope, and some ammo, that I really want to unglitch from there :( I would've rather die felling of from the top so maybe I can go loot myself back ( at least some hope ) but im inside that void which is unbreakable to mortals non-devs like me. I lost my first winchester because it glitched out of my hands last week, and just now that I got this brand new beauty winchester this happens...I couldnt even shot a single bullet :( please help me :(

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DanielF added a subscriber: DanielF.Jul 3 2017, 4:59 PM

Hello Necrhologyck and thank you for your report. If you provide us with your Steam ID and a IP address of the server you were playing on when this issue occurred, we can move you, so your character is no longer stuck.


Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Jul 10 2017, 1:15 PM