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Unable to get into 2D mp editor
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since A3 v1.72 Malden DLC The 2D editor button in MP is missing. It used to be available for editable missions colored blue that were in 2D format. It is missing now and there is now way to open 2d MP editor.


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Windows 7
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Depbo an old mission that was created pre 3DEN/2dFormat place it in mpmissions folder contained in the user profile and try to open it in mp editor. The button is missing to edit existing 2d missions now and creation of new 2D missions was possible by opening an existing 2D mission then once in editor then select new.

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Jigsor created this task.Jun 23 2017, 6:28 PM

The 2d map editor was abolished some months ago. But you can import old missions and -while in the map editor- press the "M" key to switch to map mode. It is not the same editor but it very much feels like the old one.

Not true. I've been using 2d mp editor up until Malden release. I even made new missions with it, then converted to 3d. my porting tools use extensions and exporter script export to 2d. I can bypass the need to have 2d editor and script some of the steps needed to port my missions to new terrains by updating my gribuilder script to use new 3den commands. But, unfortunately debug console access in 3d editor is broken for me since Jets dlc. described in another ticket. Both of these problems have resulted in a complete halt in my mission porting development.

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