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Wolves did not howl when I ran in to them, latest stable (21-6-2017)
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I ran into a pack of wolves around Pavlovo military base, but they did not give me any warning with howling noises. I got hit 4-5 times before being able to save myself by hiding in a building.


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Windows 7
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Run around the map.

Run into pack of wolves without ever hearing them before they start attacking you.

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No additional information.

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Tit4nNL created this task.Jun 21 2017, 5:44 PM

Have gotten multiple reports of other players experiencing the same.

I can say it has happened to me too. My guess is that the wolves were already triggered by something else beforehand.

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Hello Tit4nNL and thank you for the report.
We have been testing this issue internally based on your report, however, we have been unable to reproduce the issue so far. Is it possible that the wolves have been chasing another player prior to aggroing onto your character? As it is possible that if the wolves were chasing another player and then aggroed on your character, they would not howl any more.