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Can't swap weapons/open close doors 0.62.140009
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I spawn into a army barracks and walk up to a AK74, it says I can take it. But it doesn't let me put my current rifle away when I press the '3' key and 'take' the AK into my hands does nothing. There after, trying to close doors stops working. The close icon appears but disappears on clicking for it to close. The door doesn't close and I can't place any object I'm carrying into my hands. Door icon reappears as to be closed.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Version 10.0.14393
Menu UI
Steps To Reproduce

Walk up to an item in a barrack, go to inventory and click on item to take into hands which are currently hold a rifle. Item is not taken and doors and other object manipulation stops working.

Tried this on 4 different official Dayz UK servers. Same thing.
Rebooted Dayz program and same thing happens.

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Hello profquatermass and thank you for the report.
Was your client correctly updated and were you connecting to a experimental server with experimental client? And if so, can you try to verify the game cache and let us know if that had any effect on the issue?

Yes, it was on an official experimental server using 0.62.140009

No idea what you mean by 'verifying the game cache'. Sounds like you want me to look at it?

In any case, just tried with v0.62.140044 and the issue has gone.

Geez added a comment.EditedJun 19 2017, 2:08 PM

Hello profquatermass.
It is possible that your client did not update properly and caused the issue, as the issue you describe usually occurs when the server x client versions are not compatible. Since the 0.62.140044 has resolved the issue for you, I am going to close the ticket but feel free to submit another one in case you encounter any issues in the future or let us know here in case this particular issue re-appears.

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