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extend small object interaction and precise object placement to interiors and furniture
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many many months ago this video was posted on youtube "small object interaction (soi)" and also this feature was revealed "precise object placement (pop)"

Depending on the state of soi and pop, why not being able to move all (most) stuff related to interiors like tables, chairs, small drawers etc. in order to have more options in buildings like:

  1. while in hurry you can go a direct way through a room without getting stuck behind a table
  2. pick and place certain objects to build small barriers or fortify doors or windows

While the first is based on soi the second could be tied to pop (maybe move/pick-and-place could have its dedicated key). both could be neatly used together.
"ohh, i just knocked this chair down...better pick it up again"

could also be used to convey a sense of being able to rudimentarily barricade rooms/buildings.


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Windows 10 x64
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