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Respawning far from respawn point
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May be related to: (Spawn problem on La Riviere clash area)

RAID - Airfield Fuel Depot & Radio Station
Teams Clouds → Defending.

I was playing for a while in this mode, and then after I died, I got automatically respawned far (190 m) from any respawn points and even outside the "defend" perimeter / boudary. *Auto-respawn is off for me.

I never died (from it) or got the warning about leaving the battlefield.

Edit: Then it happened to another player while I was spectating (ref3).

Unfortunately, I was upset and was trying to get back to support my team, so I didn't investigate the other teammate marker that was near me (ref.1). I think it was not a player, at least not alive (He not moved for at least 50 secs as shown on screenshots).


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Operating System Version
6.3 version 9600
Additional Information

Date (EST): 2017-06-02 15:10:20

Date (EST): 2017-06-02 15:11:03

Date (EST): 2017-06-02 18:58:20

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Could this be related to other respawn points, other than the playing ones, like the podiums' respawn at the ends of Matches ?
2017-06-03 03:52:13 EST

I wasn't able to respawn, but at the end of the match, I respawned at the podium location.

EricR added a comment.EditedJun 5 2017, 1:47 AM

RAID - AA Site

Another teammate experienced this, but he respawned way more far than I did.
He was over 1 000 m (1 km) away.
*Mini-map is representing myself, if I'm right.

2017-06-04 18:10:23 EST

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Hi Eric, this problem is present. It could be the same issue as you mention at the first part of your report (Spawn problem on La Riviere clash area). Investigation still continue.

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New screenshot
2017-06-06 19:59:50 EST

↑ RAID - Radio Station

danczer added a subscriber: danczer.Aug 2 2017, 7:39 AM

I also noticed this issue. It's happens on the same spot every time no matter which side i play on airfield. So sometimes i behind enemies.

As i remember correctly i always respawn with the TRG weapon without the option to choose. Maybe it's related that the TRG loadout option appears on the respawn screen sometimes (as an extra loadout over my 5 custom).

Firstly I wanna thank you guys for your reporting. To calm down potential nervousness - we are recreating some mechanics that should improve our respawn system. Crossing fingers.

Vietwitch closed this task as Resolved.Oct 11 2017, 1:26 PM

This issue shouldn´t be problem anymore thanks to new respawn system.
Thanks for your reporting.