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Spawn problem on La Riviere clash area
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Sometimes when you connect to server with ongoing La Riviere clash area match, instead of going to spectate mode and wait for the next round, you immediately spawn somewhere far away from the actual points (I think it's the main base of one of the teams) and you have no markers/hud shown on screen. Sometimes you may be spawned without primary ammo.

When your team dies and you are the only survivor, somehow the round overs, but you still there on the map, and not respawning. You don't receiving any warnings from the announcer. While the new round silently starting, you can run to the enemy spawn point and kill them right on the spawn. It's like the game is not considering you a player, but just a tourist.

The map is also may miss some info (see screenshot).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Connect to ongoing La Riviere clash area match
  2. Chose the team
  3. Wait to be bugspawned
Additional Information

Repro rate: 33%

Game version: 0.74.139907

I closed the game right after encountering the bug and making screenshots. Unfortunately, I forgot to wait for the round to over.

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Today this problem happened to me for the first time on the other area. It was on Le Port South clash.

Happens very often, can be solved (for the next round) by pressing ESC and Respawn.

It keeps happening on other clash areas. And not always can be solved by killing yourself and waiting for the round to end. Sometimes you can't spawn in the next round, the spawn is simply disabled. This is a huge game breaker. Sometimes there's situation when a lot of people experiencing this problem at the same time and they begin to leave the server.

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This issue shouldn´t be problem anymore thanks to new respawn system.
Thanks for your reporting.