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Teammate position marker / indicator still on map upon death
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May be related to: (Sudden Disconnects are not handled correctly)

On the map and mini-map.

Each time I noticed this, it was because I was the last man standing on my team.

It happened a lot of time, but usually no more than 2 ghost teammate markers at the same time.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Operating System Version
6.3 version 9600
Ingame UI
Additional Information

Around 16 secondes, the last teammate of the player is killed and then its marker disappear, but there are 2 more markers remaining.

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Hello. Thanks for your feedback.
Were your teammates still in game or they disconnect and after that you figured out, that there were still their position markers in map? Don´t you think that it could have something to do with rage quit or reconnections? We will try to figured out ;).

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Hi Vietwitch,

Sorry, but I can't give you more info.
I have no way for the moment to know if a particular position marker is belonging to someone alive, dead, disconnected or whatever else it could be.

Yeah, it could be related to rage quit or reconnections, but I don't know.

I'll try to gather more info about this next time I play.

Thanks for all the quick replies,
Eric R.

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Seems this is not only related to new connections or disconnections, but rather to dying or respawning location.
2017-06-05 13:00:00 EST

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Mybad i didn't see this report before i made this one - . You should merge the tasks if u want.


This bug is related to the default MP missions, such as link.
Players will display a dorito icon on the map, which shows their location and direction the player is currently facing. On player disconnect, the map icon isn't removed or updated unless the same player rejoins back onto the server.

to reproduce - have 2 clients(X and Y) join a server running link. Client X and client Y load in, client X disconnects from the server. Client Y will see client x's player icon on the GPS although client X is disconnected from the server. by disconnected i mean just exit to lobby/main menu or get battleye kicked (both yield the same result as expected).

The fix would be something like add to the player disconnect EH to trigger the deletion of the marker.

Seems this is not only related to new connections or disconnections, but rather to dying or respawning location.
2017-06-05 13:00:00 EST

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Could just be some one disconnecting on a respawn area. Also I think it is intentional that dead players' markers remain on the gps until they are alive again.

Hi guys. These markers should disappear. We will try to fix it ASAP.
Thanks for your reporting :).

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Are you able to reproduce it? Maybe it's related to player disconnecting (after death or still playing) as i noticed.

It's stays there for the end of the mission (eg. link 3 winning match). Maybe a safety thing to do is also delete every ppl marker when new round starts or every marker? I'm not sure.

EricR added a comment.Aug 2 2017, 8:48 AM

Hi @danczer,
If I find a way to reproduce it, I will update the appropriate section of this task.
Yeah, as I mentioned in the description, it could be related to disconnects / deaths too.