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Most Jet OP against groundtargets after update - Useless "bubblegun" AA-tanks.
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After the last update and Jet-DLC:

  • If Antiair-tanks turn on radar or not, thats absolutly doesnt matter to will be detected by all jets. Jets scan the ground in 4-8km away (or in same range exactyl over the AA-tank) and most targets will be detected automaticly (you will not need active radar).... The AA-tank have NO option to stop this - out of range!!! Also the visual radar of jets will AUTOMATICLY show you all or most of all targets in front. simply use autolock "R" too. And at last, you have the option to manually lock a target with the visual camera. its so simple to detecting and locking targets. AA-Tanks have no option to use visual lock, neither if the jet is flying 100m in front of you. The biggest problem is, that also AA-Tanks cant stop the jets!
  • Jets (eg Wipeouts) are able to autolock tanks in distance of 5-8km, maybe more >> AA-Tank cant use gun or rockets because out of range >> wipeout drop bomb in 3+km high >> jet lasering its bomb >> easy hit again and again (works with MOVING targets simply too).
  • The AA-tankgun needs still so much hits /ammo to disable only some pices of the jet. Enemy Anti-Air tankgun was hiting my jets with lots of bullets (tested with neo, wipeout and Buzzard), but its still most of time easy to fly away or fight, and land. But if my jet was hit by some bulltes of a jetgun or jet-rockets there was a good damage all over my jet >> Antiair-Tankgun = "Bubblegun"?
  • Antiair-tanks not able to use the ANTIAIR-gun without activ radar against air, but jets are able to lock without active rader... (i thought to visual lock enemy jets without activ radar for a sudden ambush, that would be the new advantage of AA-Tanks against very close flying jets...)
  • AA-rockets of AA-tanks are useless now. Last days I was shooting maybe 100 (!) rockets of Tigris and Cheetah - targeting jets were flying sometimes only 200-500m away. 1 rocket, 4 rockets at once, radar on and off, shooting at jets whose were tageting me or fly away. >> Most of time ONE SIMPLE flair was enough to dodge. And as soon as the jets were flairing and turning only one degree, the rockets NEVER hit! With 100 rockets I hit maybe 2 or 3 jets!!!

Question: Why there are AA-Tanks? AA-tanks are ANTIAIR-tanks or only moveble "bubblegun" machines? Antiair-tanks are more then useless against air now! Any jet is afraid and watching out for anti-Air tanks. So easy targets, easy to attack from any direction and any gun! Most of time it doesnt matter if AA-tank is able to shoot as you in the last sec of its life.

In reality the nations use anti-air tanksystems for close antiair support. Jetpilots are afraid of this systems. So you have to destroy them from far away (so it would be okay to drop bombs out of range and lasering targets with the same jet).... BUT if you fly near it befor disabled it, you are dead! The only other way out is to fly very low and out of range. NEVER you will be trying to attack it in close range! ... thats the reason to call it "ANTI-AIR"-TANK!

BAD! SO BAD! Sorry...but update failed at the moment.


  • A MUCH MORE powerfull Antiair-tankgun-bullets, especially in CLOSE air combats up to maybe 500m. At the moment its a "bubblegun".
  • Lets hit antiair-tank rockets like befor! At the moment they are firecrackets.
  • A more simple aiming with Antiair-tankgun. Maybe like one year in the past: Aiming and firing exactly at the locked jet and the gun will automaticly calculate the direction.
  • Possibility to manually visual locking jets with "T" to shoot them with antiairgun (without using activ radar, or only need short time use of activ radar to lock them)
  • Otherwise set up the firerange and firepower of AA-Tanks!

I was trying something: I bought 8 AA-Tanks, one after the other if the last one was bombed. I moved all time between a small city, sometimes activated radar, sometimes try to hide, try to shoot jets or moved all time to survive... I hit much jets with bullets (rockets never hit...), but didn't killed ANY JET!!! Sometimes i get kill assists after 15 minutes. But all jets find me. ALL pilots were able to bomb me in close distance! CLOSE DISTANCE of under 500m when they drop their bombs and while I was shooting and hitting them! I could hit them with maybe 20 bullets but they still were flying, dropping bombs and fly to next airfield.

One time I was hiding BETWEEN 2 VERY CLOSE BUILDINGS. The direct view of my radarsystem to the jet was not blocked, but radar was not able to lock the jet (but that detail would be okay for me), so I turned radar off . In thermal gunview there was only a distance of maybe 1cm between roof and the jet... I couldn't lock him, couldn't shoot at him (because of the roof in front of gun, thats ok), ...BUT HE was able to SEE ME (?!?), drop a bomb in distance of only 200 m and in 50m over ground and highspeed ... FULL HIT! SURE. What the ...damm it man! Is it a marketing gag to make happy jet dlc buyers? Unbelievble balancing after so much years! The jets seems to work like german "Stuka" bombers in World War Two (but radar guided), instead of modern distance bombing, while AA-tanks are relegated to World War One muffins.

I mean, I dont understand your concept. I think there is no. You give us an update with 4th and 5th generation jets, while all ground vehicles and weapons are good balanced 2th and 3th generation systems.

Next update will give Infantry 6th generation laser weapons. Then you are able to cut up tanks and 5th generation jets easy like the jets it do with tanks at the moment. Last update will be 7th generation tanks whose can fly and nuke everythink!? I mean, you updated jets to a higher generation while all other weopons still old. Thats not sound like a good plan. You are not right, if you think thats the future. Jets get more important in reality, but because of that there are highly developed anti-air weapons too. And if you will do it right, you have to make a rocket update, because in all future wars, first of all every nation will try to bomb all jets at airfields, carriers and antiairs with a rush of cruise missiles (instead of WW2-divebomber jets of the "6th generation"!)

I'm missing the good old balanced wars of arma. You have to make an generation update of Jets, tanks and infantryweapons at one time. And then the next update with balanced weapons. ARMA all time was a air-ground-infantry-generations balanced simulation, but not any more. Pls tell whats the new concept of arma3!


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