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MASSIV OP JETS against ground, especially Anti-Air-Tanks
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Massiv overpowered Jets, mostly in KOTH (i'm lvl 100). Whats wrong with you? Try to support your JET-DLC at this way!?
Its need only 2-3 good Pilots in ONE Team to kill everything at map. There are no big tacticals possible with Tanks, Lighttanks and Fighthelicopter (exeptional you are in the Team with the jets). It was different before!

Anti-Air-Tanks are useless actually. Pilots are not afraid of them. AA-tanks are good easy targets to earn money. Jets needs only short fire or rockets to disable weapon and movement of a tank. Then its easy to kill it. Or you use bombs. The enemy teams try it 2 - 3 times to fight the Jets... then the whole rest of the Game one team have controll over air and the Game begins to suck. Than more Jets of this team will raise to air and then you have 5-8 Jets in ONE TEAM.

It kills all fun parts of KOTH exeptional the Jet- and infantry tactics. And if your good hided Tank killing an enemy Tank of High-lvl-enemy, he will buy a jet and attack you within seconds. No chance to hide or survive.

Maybe new pilots have there problems. But its need no time to learn how to fly and kill everything. And any pro pilots lvl 50+ have no more problems to hit everything and everytime.

The Problems --> suggestions:

  • Discover big parts of the map only by flying 4k about the ground. EVERY Vehicles is uncovered. Absolutly no chance to hide for Tanks. --> 1.) Discover enemys by Jets only inside crosshair or front of Jet. 2.) More chances for Tanks to hide. If one tree is in front of Jet the AA-Tank loose its lock to the jet. why not Jets too? 3.) Lock enemy Vehicles only inside Crosshair, not only by klicking to lock everythink arround the Jet.
  • To strong jet ammunition. Only some shoots or easy aiming bombs and AA-Tanks have no chance. If tank is not destroyed, his gun is dissabled, and no chance --> increase armor of AA-Tanks or decrease ammunition of jets.
  • Pilots can do everything alone, in AA-Tank you need GOOD driver and GOOD gunner and FREE fields without stones to drive drive drive. --> Bombs only hit easy by lasering with spotter support. So Pilots needs assistance AGAIN, like AA-Tanks driver and gunner.
  • 10 min. to wait after START with a Jet? Pro Pilots fly most of time much more than 10min. until they were killed. No Problem for them. --> 10 min. wait AFTER you was killed!!! So tanks have time to chance there position, and Pro pilots maybe use some other vehicles then only jets, jets, and jets.
  • Jets have 5000m to lock tanks while AA-Tanks have 3000m. That would be ok only if Jets not that much OP.
  • Generally 1: --> BIG INCREASE of the cost of any Jet (or if you buy jet AGAIN). For example, Neophren 30.000$ or MORE, and so on. So it will be something very special. You will not buy it again and again after you was killed.
  • Generally 2: --> Restrict the number of Jets in one team. maybe 3 or 4.

In my opinion the jets are absolutly OP at the moment. It destroy so much fun in KOTH ... maybe in other Gametypes too. And all other vehicles becomes a much sensless part.


Not A Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

--> Join KOTH SERVER --> chance team if your team have 2-3 Jets in air --> Buy a tank and try anything tactical .... or try to survive --> have fun for 1 - 3 min. ... not.
--> Wait until 2-3 Pro Pilots at server in one other team (most of time all are in one team because they dont want to kill each other). --> Try to kill one with ONE AA-Tank.

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Try to wait till after the DLC. the sensor update changes many things in that direction.

By the way KOTH is not a mission made by BI. if you like things to be changed there ask the Mission Maker or hoster

As @TheMasterofBlubb already mentioned, KotH is not an official mission/scenario.

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And again as mentioned above, sensor, especially on aircrafts and AAs are going to change a lot and will offer different gameplay from the current state.

Maribu added a comment.Apr 6 2017, 4:19 PM

Okay I hope and will see. Pls. dont OP Jets anymore.

But by the way, BI hosting offical KOTH Servers! And KOTH is a bigpart of Arma for players... Look how much play it.

It doesnot matter its still made by Sa Matra

ok i can say: After update now its much more OP!

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I'm pretty sure in the history of warfare, air superiority has, and will continue to be, a vastly superior option to ground-based forces.

Arma is a military simulator, first and foremost. Maybe KoTH should limit the available arsenal of Jets to better balance their own mode, but that's not a Bohemia Interactive issue.

I do not agree that it is more realistic. Because then you have to upgrade the ground air defense systems realistically too. Today, there are much better air defense systems too. Short, medium and long distance defense. Just because no enemy jets are in the air, you can not just fly over a land and bomb everything. Unless it is a much less militarized country than your own. But nowadays there are no more attacks on short distance, like the "Stuka" bombers in WW2. Then you would have to make it right, and all jets (except the Wipeout) are able to attack only in 5000-10000 m distance.

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The topic about AA Tanks is already discussed in another ticket.

Not really discussed.

There were request on changing the radar range and the missile types.

why its closed? problem still there