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Option to set simple object disappeared in 1.70
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After the latest update, you can no longer select 90% of objects, vehicles as a simple objects. Objects, that were set as simple prior to this update stayed as Simple object, but you can no longer set new objects as simple object.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch Arma
  2. Go make yourself a coffee
  3. Open 3den editor
  4. Place whatever object you want, works with most of all objects (eg. H-Barrier 5 block)
  5. Try setting that object as simple - you'll probably fail
  6. Cry, because now some of my missions are literally ruined by this **** change.
Additional Information

Although I haven't tested it in full vanilla yet, I'm pretty sure this is caused by Arma itself, because I got it reported from multiple users on reddit who claimed to have been running vanilla Arma + it disappeared right after the update.

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Brebera created this task.May 21 2017, 5:23 PM

Just for the record, there is pretty much no benefit from having a static object like barriers in Simple Object state. It is mostly intended for physics-enabled objects, especially vehicles, so that they can be placed as props.

Brebera added a comment.EditedMay 23 2017, 3:09 PM

Actually, there is. For example, we have a custom FOB for our unit. Instructors have access to Zeus, as well as regular Zeus. Since they have automatically added all objects (simple objects are excluded) they can delete those objects (accidentally or on purpose). + if you have too many objects (we have 9746 objects, of which are 5587 simple (could be more, but now I can't set it)). Zeus loses tons of fps because all of these icons + he can delete all non simple objects (which I don't want to be deleted). I really see no point of removing this from 3ditor and having this option enabled for few objects only.

This comment was removed by Brebera.

Our mission maker uses 3den editor as his own terrain editor. He literally cried when he noticed this bug/feature.

I have also noticed this issue. I understand that it might have been removed for certain objects that don't need the option, such as objects with no physics, however on my map I have previously made many objects simple objects and now I can't change them back if I want to.

yep right. As I already said, when I'm creating something, I don't want to be deleted by Zeus either on purpose or intentionally , I would set it as Simple object. Don't really understand why has this been removed, but it would be great if it came back.

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This is intended. Not all objects benefit from being simple.