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Aircraft weapons strangely referred to as miniguns now
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Seeing as the M134 minigun was called a minigun because it is basically a smaller version of the original M61 vulcan, it seems odd that the 20m M61 is referred to as a minigun, as well as the 30mm(!!) cannon on the A-164 (mini, lol)


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Windows 10 x64
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Go into a wipeout or a black wasp and check the main gun's naming scheme.

havent verified on shikra and gryphon, but likely they have it too

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Agent556 created this task.May 19 2017, 2:38 PM

Gatlinggun would be correct

It would be better to call it a rotary cannon probably

So M61 Rotary Cannon and 30mm Rotary Cannon

Also its interesting that the dlc jets have the specific M61 name applied while the Wipeout's cannon is currently just "30mm minigun"

Actually its a gatling (defined by the used Systems in a a10). Minigun is specified as M134 Gau 2 or Gau 17. Its a small gatling gun based machinegun. Every other gatling gun based System is a gatling gun

The large caliber weapons are gatling-type autocannons or rotary cannons due to their large caliber (20mm and up)