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"Escape" key and GUI interaction causing unexpected jet behaviour
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It seems that pressing the escape key whilst in a jet (either on the ground or in the air) can cause unexpected and unwanted control input. This was discovered during a testing session earlier today and has been confirmed by four separate people on a locally hosted server. I cannot reproduce it in single player as the game pauses, unlike in multiplayer.

When escape is pressed, one of several things can happen, at present, we have noticed the following; Thrust increases, thrust decreases, speed/air break deploys, flaps rise or lower.

It seems to be centred around the aircraft's control surfaces and can make operating them on the ground or the air a pain as they do things that are unexpected. This seems to become prevalent when using custom GUI as well, such as INS/GPS bombing interfaces. Clicking on buttons on the interface had similar effects, though I have no idea how to test this in an unmodded environment.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Open 3DEN Editor
Spawn in a Black Wasp
Hit Preview in Multiplayer
Start engine and begin pressing escape to open and close the menu
Watch as controls decided they have a plan that you aren't allowed to know about.

Additional Information

These symptoms have been observed by multiple sources in a multiplayer environment. The problem doesn't seem to be present in single player.

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VWWrath created this task.May 18 2017, 10:37 PM

The behaviour has also been observed with CH View Distance's interface, which i thibk comfirms that opening any GUI ia causing the controls to go haywire.

Another symptom is that the planes aileron's go full down amd the plane does a nose dive.

I'm also experiencing this issue. Anytime a UI is opened with the engine on will alter the thrust randomly while if the aircraft has it's engine off and a UI is opened the airbrake will be applied. This happens to both default UI's like the escape menu as well as user made UI's.