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manuel lasing (zeroing ) problem of 338 SPMG of prowler, 50cal of offroad
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prowler : can use manuel lasing (zeroing) on SPMG 338 (also could used in HMG 50 in prowler, but at least it's got a sensor. )

offroad (armed ) : also can use manuel lasing ( zeroing) on on it's own.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. go to the virtual garage.
  1. call that cars, and use manuel lasing to target.
  1. now you can shoot the even dot within 1500m zeroing
Additional Information

as i wrote yesterday, btw, quillin got a problem of game crashing.
need to check out analogue vehicle weapon ( that uses iron sight )

++ and this could be the mod vehicle too.
manuel lasing problem, and game crash problem

++ after testing some mods ( CBA.. RHS.. )
it looks like that.
when that vehicle uses vanila weapon mechanic (like grenade launcher GMG, or 50cal, or 12.7 HMG, etc.)
it can use manuel lasing in their zeroing limit.
but not using vanila weapon mechanic ( like pkp, or some like russian concept weapons )
got no manuel lasing even they got a zeroing meter.

so maybe, if you fix that 50 cal, 338, or unacceptable manuel lasing weapons, it will be cleared. i think.

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