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Jets dlc messed up a lot of things, unplayable for me
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The helicopter camera is really messed up in third person, i absolutely hate the static camera that you guys put on helis in the new update, please change it back or give us an option to choose between old and static


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Windows 10 x64
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Get in a heli and go in third person

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What do you actually mean?

nunya added a subscriber: nunya.EditedMay 19 2017, 6:04 AM

I cant even land a helicopter for crap now. What the hell did you guys do to the camera? Put it back man. WTH are you guys doing over at BI? Did you guys even test this shit before you released it? There is no damm way this was tested. All you have to do is fly a heli in 3rd person to know. Its related to the jets dlc and the camera following the pitch. Well we dont need this on the helis we have to land these suckers man. I am uninstalling my jets DLC. FIX AND TEST YOUR SHIT BI! 👎
every single bug i have looked at in the bugtracker related to this error says
"assigned to: NONE"
are you kidding me? This is game breaking shit! This is a top priority and needs a hotfix ASAP!

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