Stuck Under House
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I logged off in a house near apple farm spawn point. Logging in I am under the house, trapped. I cannot go prone. I can crouch and run with weird overhead angle of view. There are see through wall aspects. I have tried the other recommendations of sprinting to corner on log in before render occurs with no luck. The character is healthy currently after eating apples so it will be a slow death to wait. I have no weapon. I cannot roll out. I have deleted all files, no change. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled only to be in the same stuck position. Every server is the same. There is no new character option or new gameplay option. I am unable to play the game.


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Windows 10
Game Physics
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Hello SilentEchoEcho.
Please post your Steam profile link in here and we will move the character for you.

Update, I was able to punch my way out through a weird corner of house. I'm out! Free at last!

It would be nice to have a failsafe for these events. I would have started over since the character is new.

Thanks, have a nice day :)

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Hello SilentEchoEcho.
We are glad to hear that you have been able to get the character unstuck. In the future we are going to implement new player physical controller into the game, which should prevent such situations from occurring (characters being accidentally glitched into objects).