[SP] Showcase: Zeus mission doesn't work properly
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The Showcase: Zeus mission seems to not be working. I click play on it from the Showcases menu, then the mission starts. I see a CSAT tank roll up to a NATO btr and the btr fires at the tank. The btr keeps firing at the tank, while the tank does nothing in return. After about 20 seconds, the btr just drives away and nothing else happens. I looked online and saw that the tank is supposed to destroy the btr to start the mission.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Home - 64 bit
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch Arma 3
    1. Hover mouse over "Singleplayer" menu and click Showcases
    2. Select "Zeus" and click Play
    3. Mission starts, tank rolls up to btr and btr fires at tank. Mission does not continue.
Additional Information

Game version: 1.68.141205

Launcher version: 1.5.141155
Mods: None
ArteyFlo created this task.May 3 2017, 8:49 PM

Exact same conditions happen for me. Have tried to save, restart mission, but exact conditions described above occurs. I am running the latest version of Arma III via steam.