My First Gameplay report # 1: Dayz [0.61] Stable Branche
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Furet, Apr 30 2017


Gameplay report:

  • I play on a server with 38 ping, play with a vehicle and widely doable.

"! If the server does not show a desynchronization peak!"

  • there is a small problem at the vehicle level, falling FPS in driving and in sight 3rd person, FPS goes back in sight first person but with a drop to 30 FPS up to 14 FPS constant .
  • "[Loot]" has imperatively changed all over the odds, and the Loot responne after at least 30 minutes does not work.
  • [Restart Server]: I drove from the airfield to the balota then restart of the server I did not have to disembark from the vehicle, and during the reconnection, I was teleport to the airfield where I had to start To drive vehicles .


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Windows 7
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Hello furet and thank you for the report.
Most of the issues mentioned are already known and scheduled for a fix, however, could you try to describe the " "[Loot]" has imperatively changed all over the odds, and the Loot responne after at least 30 minutes does not work. " more in detail? What do you mean by "Loot has imperatively changed all over the odds"?

Furet added a comment.EditedMay 6 2017, 11:57 PM

Hello Geez

Thank you for responding to the report

  • on the issue of "Loot"

That is to say, go from city to city, in the northern region, after 2h till 4h of game on the same server.

  • "Loot" including equipment, weapons, ammunition, food, (ect ...).
  • no change of reappearance of equipment the cities are desert in equipment example of city "Kabanino, Vybor, Stary Sobor, Rogovo, Novaya Petrovka".

And also the city to the south as
"Electrozavodsk, Chernogorsk, Berezino"

Or the equipment is not in the house

  • Tell me what I could find in 4 hours of play with go back with the truck

I do not find much in its city amenities one or two duckling and a hat if not nothing.

  • Your new spawn system of equipment was a good idea to force the player to go north to find the rarest and most interesting equipment but that I was able to see after playing a lot of time.

By city do not find anything on the coast
After all, you have nothing while in the real life in a city we could find enough equipment to be a minimum to face the horde of infected.

  • I know you can not put quantity of equipment like there would be in the real life for questions of difficulty of the game and optimization for the server ect ...

But you can improve it !

Thank you for reading this answer and hope to have been more precise on the "Loot".

Thanks for the work you do for DayZ standalone which is my favorite game!

I haste with impatience the release of the 0.63 and the new situation report that I read every time!



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Hello Furet and thank you for the response.
Currently we are working on a couple of tweaks to the loot spawn and distribution system, which should improve the overall loot distribution. However, there is no estimate on when the tweaks will be finished and implemented into the game.

Furet added a comment.May 15 2017, 7:58 PM

Geez thank you for this answer


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