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Jets - Attaching to catapult after prev. launch immediately accel. to flight speed
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When a player attaches to a new catapult on an aircraft carrier after having already launched from a catapult earlier, the plane will be immedtately propelled to launch speed the moment the player selects the attach to catapult option

Bug still occurs as of 25 April 2017 dev branch build


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Attach to a catapult and launch from an aircraft carrier
Land on an aircraft carrier (it doesn't have to be the same one)
Attempt to attach to another catapult (Bug will occur at this point)

Additional Information

This does affect same catapults

I did not test every single catapult combination but due to the nature of the bug I saw no reason to

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This glitch happens in BIS_fnc_AircraftCatapultLaunch.
It happens because plane getVariable "bis_launchState" keeps value 1 (successful) after launch.
On the next attach it doesn't wait for the hold button action to actually set this variable to 1.

This variable needs to be reset ( set to nil or -1) after either detach or launch.

In this case that'd be a polish error on their part. Updated my forum post for today with that insight, hopefully it'll be fixed tomorrow/friday. GJ, buddy :)