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Multiple Client Crash - Memory Errors or Freezing
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In the last days we've collected multiple reports by players regarding game crash sometimes also with pc freeze.
The issue appear after 1 hour or more of playing, the issue triggers "sequentially" on multiple clients ( 1/3 of the players max ).

Players report:

  • Game crash
  • PC Freeze
  • Memory Errors
  • Full disk with heavy paging usage


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Operating System Version
w7 and w10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Play for some hours on Vanilla AL 4.4r4 server

Server is running arma3server_x64 performance build v15.

Additional Information

Registered on:
windows10 64bit
windows7 64bit

Happens also with clients running arma3 client x64 performance build v15
Happens also to clients running with Windows System allocator set via launcher.

further crash example

memory error screen example

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the actual logs seems like out of memory crashes on 32-bit binary, please try use 64-bit

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