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Jets DLC Jets need wheel brakes!
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the jets need some kind of wheel brake similar to the helicopter wheel brakes introduced in the Heli DLC. this is needed for keeping the plane static when off, when throttling engines before take off and to slow the plane on the runway when landing.


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rogerx added a subscriber: rogerx.Apr 22 2017, 5:45 AM

I completely agree!

If Jets DLC addresses the lacking of features of jets, then this Jets DLC should include wheel brakes which work and contradict jet engine thrust!

During take-off, there are apparently no working wheel brakes! (I'm sure some or most are scratching your heads on this...)

Some of the shorter runways on the APEX Tanoa map can likely benefit from having wheel brakes on such jets such as the A-164, etc, to be able to hopefully take-off from the short runways while loaded. (Or the A-164 just needs to be provided realistic thrust.) For example, while at the edge of the runway fully loaded; apply full wheel brakes, apply full engine thrust and await for the engines to completely power-up and release brakes. Currently within the game without having braking during applying engine thrust, the jet takes a good distance of rolling (or precious runway length) before the engines are at full thrust.