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Spawning "Empty" Drone
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You can spawn a drone without brain, or let's say his virtual AI "crew" by holding Alt or having Place vehicle with crew unchecked. This cannot be changed afterwards unless you delete that vehicle and replace it with completely new that has that virtual crew. Is it intended - if so shouldn't we have ability to spawn that AI and add it inside that vehicle?

U could say it's useless to solve but if you let Place vehicles with crew unchecked to spawn some empty vehicles and then spawn UAV it has literally no brain.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start EDEN
  2. Find drone u want to spawn
  3. hold alt or uncheck place vehicles with crew option

U get drone without its brain

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this is actually intended. This way you can add a UAV as a composition and not have it enabled for remote control through terminal or to prevent the vehicle from acting autonomously if you wish it to be only static object or part of the composition.

It is indeed more tricky to have it "crewed" afterwards, but it can be done by using createVehicleCrew command

Really ? If you want to have it as a static object there is a lots of options how to do it.. eg. an option "Simple object", disable simulation too, or disableAI.

SImple Object and Disable Simulation are not exactly the same as they also disable the option to have the vehicle destroyed.

DisableAI could work, but is a scripted solution as well.

Placing it as empty lets a person with the uavHacker attribute (UAV operator) interact and "create the AI" for it.

Pretty much only after interacting with the UAV it lets you connect and control it.

HTom added a subscriber: HTom.Aug 24 2017, 10:53 PM

We have problem with falcon drone heli....
If you buy falcon at Air factory in CTI mission, you can order 2 crew... UAV terminal not show falcon on list. If you order with crew they just spawning behind vehicle....
This 2 version can not connectable with UAV terminal.
If you place falcon with mission editor and start mission, all good no ais, no connection problems.

HTom added a comment.Aug 26 2017, 10:01 PM

nvm... if (_vehicle isKindOf "B_T_UAV_03_F") then {createVehicleCrew _vehicle}; helped :)

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