Died in Vehicle on NW Airfield
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While driving Hatchback over Airfield black screen and message "You are dead".
Then I choosed respawn and respawned at East-Coast without waiting time as fresh-spawn. When interacting with apple tree, game chrashed. After restarting the game and logging in on same server, character was back again where he left the vehicle the last time (near the airfield) with all the gear I had. I ran back to where the incident on airfield was, but the vehicle was gone.

This happened three times to me, twice in an hatchback and once in an truck. Every time this happened, I got my gear back after restarting game and logging onto server. But the vehicle disappered.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Drive over airfield in the 4th gear, near to the hangars.

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Edit: Logged onto last server, where I died in the truck. I found the truck at the end of the airfield and my old character was sitting in truck. I got into truck as passenger but could not do any action. I had to log off again.

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Edit: Server is completely down now.

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I have tried to upload my crash dumps, but I get failure message while uploading. I made ZIP file ( 27 mb ), I tried to split it, but it does not work. How can I upload the file?

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Hello osi and thank you for the report.
The issue with characters appearing as dead in vehicles and then being playable upon relog is known and scheduled for a fix. In case you are having trouble with uploading the crash logs to the ticket directly, please upload them to some kind of cloud site and then post the link here in the comments.

osi added a comment.Apr 21 2017, 10:27 AM

Ok, here you are. I hope this helps:


By the way: Since 1 or 2 weeks the hacker issue is getting really bad. I know it is alpha and you can't develop the game as fast as many players would like see the game in beta or finished. But isn't there anything you could do about the hackers? It ist too bad, me and my friends really love this game and we played more than 2000 hours, with all the bugs the game has. But the hackers really ruin the game and our fun. Look at this video, it was uploaded one week ago by some asshole hacker. this is what happens allmost every day since 2 weeks on high an full populatet servers:

thank you for developing such a cool game.

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Thank you osi.
We will analyse the crash logs and will return back to you once we know more. As for the hacking, the video you have posted is an outdated video (pre new ui) with a misleading title in order to lure people to install virus infected third party software. We are working with the BattlEye team on resolving all the hack related issues that are in the game, however some of the fixes depend on systems which are not in place yet and will be added in the future.

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Hello osi.
When the game has crashed, did it crash with any error message or has it froze and had to be shut down through task manager?