Daytime brightness is out of control
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In the last couple patches something has changed the way focusing in daylight works it has gotten to the point that during the brightest time of the day its hard to see i find myself rubbing my eyes squinting and trying to focus. I don't know how to explain it, its really really bright but at the same time dark if that makes any sense at all. The worse part is when you walk from inside a shadow to a full sun area its like overexposure to the max then it gets dark its like a camera trying to focus but way out of control. If i look down at the ground then up at the sky its like the camera loses its focus, and if you are standing in the sun looking into the shade it makes the shaded area hard to see or visa versa basicaly anytime there is a brightness change. I am constantly squinting and rubbing my eyes while playing and its getting uncomfortable and no other game, application, tv or anything in the world for that matter makes my eyes feel like that but Dayz. When I play on night or rain servers it still does it but everything looks normal, dawn and dust servers look amazing but full daylight is brutal I think its the HDR that does this but i cant turn it off.

I understand the eye does this in reality but nowhere near this extent. I would record something to show you but shadowplay is too dark to see for me even with the alt-tab workaround or window mode.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Version 1607 Build 14393.1066
Steps To Reproduce

Walk from inside a dark structure to full sunlight.
Stand in the sun at look at the ground for a few seconds then look at the sky.
Stand in the sunlight facing the sun looking into woods.

Additional Information

Running I7 on GTX 970 4gb, 16gb RAM, BenQ display

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Hello huckjam and thank you for the report.
If it is not a problem, please upload a screenshot of your video settings to the ticket (the upload button can be found at the bar on top of the comment window).

Thats what its set at right now but I've tried changing all the settings to every combination possible. It just doesn't matter what I do If I move from light to dark it gets an overexposure type thing going on.

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Thank you huckjam.
Could you try to record the issue you are having on a video?

I would love to record a video with shadowplay I've been trying to get it to work since .60 but it's so dark you can't see anything. Everyone has these videos with this alt tab work around and all that does for me is make my gamma slider work I still can't record it's basically a black screen with a slight outline of what's happening. I've reinstalled dayz and just recently wiped my pc and started fresh and I still have the same issue with both the out of control over exposure and the shadowplay recordings. The game looks amazing anytime it's not full daylight but during full daylight any movement from dark to light makes this overexposure thing happens. It's like at night when someone is holding a flare and you can't see anything past the flare even though you should be able to see everything around you. Quality sucks and this isn't the best example but its all i could get that wasnt black sorry. Thanks

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Thank you for the video huckjam.
This is how our automatic scene exposure works currently and unfortunately the intensity of outdoor lightning inside a dark room/when leaving the dark room into outdoor area cannot be changed. This may change in the future stages of development. Also, the issue with shadowplay videos appearing dark is known and scheduled for a fix, you can follow the primary ticket here:

I hear ya about that's how it's supposed to function but it's not the same as it was I can't even see into the woods anymore from the lighted area. I actually went and got my eyes checked becuase it's physically making me that uncomfortable i have tears in my eyes when I play this game now and unfortunately I didn't play any other game to see that it was I only this game I thought my eyes went from perfect to really messed up in a couple weeks time. It wasn't until I left the eye doctor and tried a bunch of other game that I realized it's just dayz. If I'm in a shadow and move out of it it's like a wave of dark to light back to dark goes over the entire screen and it defocused the entine screen and makes identifying anything impossible. If I stand on the edge of the woods in full daylight I used to be able to see all the way into the woods now I can't see past the shadow edge until I go Into the trees an make my screen entirely dark then it fades to light and I can see again. Arma 2 did this to an extent but nothing like making me physically uncomfortable. I have 1500 hours and never had a problem till the last 200 and I can't play the game anymore be used of it and I was putting in 5-7 hours a day before.

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Hello huckjam.

I have 1500 hours and never had a problem till the last 200 and I can't play the game anymore be used of it and I was putting in 5-7 hours a day before.

Do you remember when exactly has the issue started to occur (Has the issue started to occur after a specific patch?)? Do you remember if there were any changes in your software or if you have changed the settings in your software (such as changing video driver settings)? As there were no changes in the automatic scene exposure system for approximately two years on our side.

Yeah it started right after .60 or .61 did the change to correct the issue with being able to see fire and torches through buildings. You remember you used to not be able to.see right past the lighted area of a campfire thats whats happening to me during daylight and its right about the time the campfire fixed I would say I noticed this. I really wish I could find the words to describe what is happening it's really bright and really dark at the same time. To see I to woods I have to go into the bushes to make my screen completely black then when I look away it goes really dark and fades to light then im able see into the woods this weekend I will try to setup something to record my screen. I've tried 3 different displays since yesterday and reinstalled game and windows and replaced game config files I've tried it all now. I don't know what happened but no other game does this they all look the same as they always did but dayz the only one i play constantly. I have talked to quite a few people who have the same effects I'm dealing with and most have either given up or switch servers at full noon. If I play at night or dawn and dust everything is beautiful. Is there anyway to disable hdr it's just too aggressive.

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You know the more I'm messing with this the more I'm convinced it has something to do with Nvidia drivers on Optimus tech or the way the game is interacting with them. I'm playing on Nvidia Optimus idk if you remember our dialog about the 64 bit client not switching to nvivida display from Intel HD by default from like 2 weeks ago but that was me that helped with that. Anyway the reason I'm leaning this way is becuase during trying to fix this shadow play issue I've watched so many videos about how to alt tab out and back in and that will make shadow play start working properly again but all that does for me is make my gamma slider work I still can't record it don't matter if I'm in window mode with desktop still showing borderless window it is still dark. I've done it all and no matter it's still pitch black. Now the big thing that makes me feel this way is that when I take a screen shot with steam it takes the photo regardless of how my gamma is set if it's turned to high it will still look as if it's on default settings but that's not what I'm seeing on my screen if I take a screenshot with shadow play it's pitch black but if I take a windows screenshot it sees exactly how it looks on my screen with the gamma I think something between these states is messing up. It seems as if some of the parts of the scene are being affected by the gamma adjustment where as others aren't. Maybe that's why even with gamma cranked and the whites are so blindingly bright I still see the her effects with the low gamma. Idk just an idea also thanks for the help I really appreciate it you guys are doing a a great job I'm so excited for the future of this project this game is gonna change the entire landscape of Vidya. Have a great weekend.

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Hello huckjam.
Can you try to uninstall the drivers with the optimus tech, then fresh install drivers without it and let us know if that has made any difference?? The issue with 64bit client not being detected correctly by the nvidia control panel should be resolved now and it should use the primary gpu by default.