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May not be a bug. Probably my fault. - (Nub)
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Creating a multiplayer mission on Southern Sahrani. Will run fine in SP testing, runs fine in MP testing through the Editor. All triggers, tasks, waypoints, AI movements, etc... are running fine. I have confidence that the scenario is made properly through the Editor.

What I do not have confidence in is anything else I've done - or not done - related to getting this mission up and running. Meaning, I know zero about pbo's, I know next to nothing about sqf files, and I know that's a problem. I feel competent with the Editor, with waypoints, triggers, tasks, tasks that trigger another task, etc. Is there any way that I can follow a linear guideline to help me get this mission up and running?

When I try to Export it to multiplayer, the mission shows up as Green in the scenario list, with a ".Sara Lite" extension, and I can host it. My friends can join. But there are not active slots there for us to join (I created three squads, and they don't show up). Conversely, when I try another method - going to the multiplayer browser and hosting through there, I have had a few times where the mission name appears, friends can join (to help test it. I know I have to put it on the Steam workshop at some point. I want to get it working first.)...and they can "slot up" by picking a rifleman or autorifleman, etc.

However, upon launching the mission, they are all booted from the game and sent back to the lobby. With NO error message. I am able to stay in the game, of course. And all triggers, tasks, waypoints, etc... all work. Is there anyone or any way that I can get help with determining what I'm doing wrong? Clearly, I have missed a few steps in the mission creation process.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Operating System Version
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Tried two different methods to "test" the scenario.

1- Tried to Export to Multiplayer from the Eden Editor, then click on "Play in Multiplayer". Friends were not able to "see" my server when I did this, even though I was able to check UPNP.

2- Tried hosting through Multiplayer Browser by creating a hosted server. Friends are able to find my server there, input password and join. Either a- no slots to choose from or b- they can slot up, we launch the mission, and they all get booted (I feel like "b" sounds like mods aren't aligned possibly).

I am stuck, and would appreciate any help, if his is the correct forum to do so. If not, I apologize. I will check back here tomorrow and the ensuing days to see. Thanks.

Additional Information


1- We are using a significant amount of mods. And I now have learned that I should not use as many mods, from the standpoint of making all the mods that people download "align). I use the term align to indicate that we all have the same mods from the same location. We do play Dynamic Recon Ops and other scenarios, which run fine whether I host or another friend does... but we do get "mod mismatch" notifications.

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I am seeing this as well, in version

After selecting "Play in Multiplayer" in the editor, I run SysInternals TCPView and observe that the Arma 3 process is listening on UDP ports 2304 & 2304, as expected, but accessing my Internet gateway device's administration page, I see no port forwarding entries for Arma 3. In addition, my friends are unable to join via Steam.

Workaround: if I set manual port forwarding up then my friends are able to connect directly to my IP address.

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